Find me someone who wishes to have no influence in the world. Whether it be influence over their children's development, influence over who is elected to hold office, or influence over preventing environmental disaster, we long for influence; to be able to bend the course of events towards our will. And what is this wish … Continue reading Influence

To wish impossible things

I have been enjoying #classicblogsweek on Twitter over this half term break. The democratic free-for-all selection process has resulted in an eclectic mix of pivotal polemics, personal favourites, and anti-orthodox rhetoric. What is noticeable is that so many either critique existing school practices or set out how things should be. They are of the critical … Continue reading To wish impossible things

Every conversation is an opportunity to find out we’re wrong

Reading research papers has become somewhat of a pastime for me since I wrote my first book in 2019. Throughout the previous decade, I had become increasingly interested in educational research, progressing from the gateway drug of John Hattie, through to engaging with bloggers who were into 'evidence-based practice', and ending up getting my kicks … Continue reading Every conversation is an opportunity to find out we’re wrong