Servant Leadership: truthfulness and usefulness

"...the language used to describe servant leadership and the implied values within the approach make challenging the theory tantamount to heresy." (Minnis & Callahan, 2010) Never one to avoid controversy, I find myself mildly irritated once again by the tendency of some to endorse any superficially appealing leadership notion because it sounds worthy. I really … Continue reading Servant Leadership: truthfulness and usefulness

The Untestable Abstractions of School Improvement

There are many claims about what schools should be and how they can be improved. Most are well intentioned, if not always well informed. As a school leader, I find myself swimming in a sea of 'oughts', and drowning in intuitively appealing claims and counter-claims. Where is the life jacket? In Seymour B. Sarason's seminal … Continue reading The Untestable Abstractions of School Improvement